12 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Patio Cool in Summer (2023)

Not all patios are created equal. However, one thing they can have in common is that they won’t stay cool during summer. Also, the sun can be too scorching when sunbathing and will require some time and space to cool off. So having an outdoor space equipped with patio cooling systems to cool you down during this period is necessary. But how do you keep your patio cool in the summer?

The best and easiest way to make your patio cool during the summer is by installing a shade over the patio and complementing it with fans or evaporative coolers. These fans should be misting fans and portable for better comfort and versatility.

The nice thing about patios is that they don’t even have to be fully enclosed for you to enjoy the great outdoors. And this makes it hotter during this period and can be unwelcoming to use.

Also, the summer months can bring a great deal of heat and humidity, which are usually detrimental to your patio furniture’s finish.

However, the heat doesn’t have to ruin your outdoor enjoyment, even on the hottest days. So to enjoy your outdoor living area during these hot days, you need to know how to keep your patio cool. So without any further ado, here are the various ways to make your patio cool and welcoming.

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Here are the Best Ways to Keep Your Patio Cool During Summer

  1. Install a shade
  2. Use Patio Misting Systems
  3. Use outdoor cooling fans
  4. Portable Evaporative coolers
  5. Install a sunshade
  6. Plant a tree
  7. Build a pergola
  8. Cover your Pergola
  9. Plants Over your Pergola
  10. keep the heaters off
  11. Keep a distance from outdoor kitchens
  12. Use breathable furniture

How to Keep Your Patio Cool During Summer

Install a Shade

Generally, the patio is an open space allowing you to enjoy the fine weather and sunbathing when necessary.

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However, your patio or deck can become hot and uncomfortable in summer, with the sun beating down on your furniture and your guests unable to stay cool.

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One way to keep your patio cooler is by installing a shade over it so that you can enjoy it, even on the hottest days. This also makesyour patio private, keeping your activities away from your neighbors.

Having a pop canopy, patio umbrella, and awning installed is one of the easiest ways to shade your patio and make it cool to use during the summer.

A pop-up canopy, umbrella, orretractable awningsstill allows you to enjoy the fine weather when necessary. Which to use among these shades is determined by the structure of your patio.

A patio located close to the house can use an awning, while those located away from the house can use an umbrella or pop-up canopy to shade the weather and make the space cool and comfortable.

Pop Up Canopies are ideal for this purpose as they allow the installation ofside shadeto block elements which makes the area more comfortable.

Patio Misting Systems

One of the best ways to cool your patio in the summer is by installing apatio misting system. This system can also be called the patio air conditioner. Misting system works by evaporating water in the air around you, thus making your patio cool to use.

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This is ideal if you have a covered patio. If you love doing projects yourself, this can be installed on the weekend withthis simple guide, Although it requires a lot of planning to ensure you get the most benefit of the system.

The patio air conditioner is installable on a cantilever umbrella,Pergola, gazebo, or under the canopies, and other structures. So even after having a covered patio or using a shade, you can still have this system installed to make the space super comfy.

Use Outdoor Cooling Fans

Another easy way to make your patio cool during the summer is by using anoutdoor cooling fan. This can be astanding,portable,wall mounting, orceiling fan, depending on the structure of your outdoor space.

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When choosing a portable or standing fan, it is ideal to go for a misting fan to keep your space cool while enjoying some cool breeze. These fans are versatile and usable on various outdoor living spaces such as the patio, porch, or deck.

Portable Evaporative Coolers

A portable evaporative cooler is another great outdoor patio cooling system to cool your outdoor space during the summer. Thispatio cooling systemcan effectively cool your outdoor space while consuming less energy. Evaporative coolers are usable in any outdoor space, either closed or open.

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This outdoor patio cooling system also functions like a misting system; however, unlike the misting system, these portable Evaporative coolers are easy to move, making them usable in other outdoor spaces such as the balcony, porch, and deck. With this, you can enjoy a cool atmosphere in different areas of your home.

Install a Sunshade

If your outdoor living space is a porch, deck, or balcony, using shades such asblindsor retractable windscreens is an easy way to make the spaces cool for use during summer. However, using a fan or misting system without blocking the sun will still make your space uncomfortable to use on some hot days.

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Blocking the sun is the first step to making your space comfortable and cool during the summer. There arevarious ways and sunshade materialsto use depending on the outdoor space. For example, blinds are usable on balconies, porch, and pergolas, whileretractable windscreens are ideal for decks and other open outdoor spaces.

Plant a Tree

Having your outdoor living space close to trees is another good way to cool the space in the summer.Evergreen treeswill shade your patio and make it cool all year round. Aside from improving the value of your property, this is another reason to plant a tree if you want to enjoy the outdoor space.

However, having trees comes with some responsibilities and disadvantages. Cleaning leaves is crucial if you have a tree over your patio. Bird poop on the couch is another issue; However, furniture covercan be used when you are not using the patio.

Cover Your Pergola

If you have a pergola over your outdoor space, installing aretractable roof coveris another amazing way to cool the space during the summer. A retractable roof cover will allow you to enjoy the fine weather when you wish to and can be spread out to cool your space during hot days.

The Pergola can be complemented with a misting system or fan to enhance comfort after spreading the roof.

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This retractable roof cover can be knitted using a trampoline or bought from stores. We review some of thetop retractable pergolaroof coversfor such purposes. The flexibility of this cover makes them more suitable for various weather.

Plants Over your Pergola

Another good way to make the Pergola cool to use is by using vines and otherevergreen crawling plants to cover the Pergola. These plants naturally make the space cool, even during the summer. This method can also be complemented with a misting system or a fan for better comfort.

Unlike regular creeping plants,evergreen plants do not drop their leaves during the winter, giving you all year-round privacy and shade over your outdoor space. However, this is a permanent structure and can not be retracted to enjoy the sun.

Keep the Heaters Off

During the summer, any form of heater you have in your outdoor space should stay off. Wood firepits, gas firepits, and electric heaters of any kind should be switched off during this period to keep your patio cool.

Keep a distance from outdoor kitchens

The summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor grilling and taking on various fun activities. However, heat and smoke coming from your outdoor kitchen will contribute to making your outdoor living space hot.

So next time you want to grill or show your amazing cooking skill while intending to keep your patio cool at the same time, it is better to move your kitchen a distance from your patio; or move your furniture to another part of the patio when you use your outdoor kitchen.

Upgrade your Furniture

With the rising summer temperatures, it’s important to ensure your outdoor living space is equipped to handle the heat. For example, if hot patio pavers burn your feet, consider adding anoutdoor rugto protect them. These are a great way to provide a grounding focal point for your patio to make it feel like a real outdoor room. Also, choose a light-colored outdoor rug to reflect the sun and relax bare skin more comfortably.

Also, look forpatio furniture replacement cushionsmade of natural canvas fibers to reflect heat rather than absorb it. If your patio furniture has metal on it, choose pieces without armrests, as those will draw heat from the sun and make them overly hot to sit on. Lastly, try covering your patio with a permanent awning or canvas canopy, which you can use as a base for growing vining shade plants as well. Or try adding an umbrella or two that can provide instant relief from the heat when you need it.

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When intending to make your patio cool during the summer, the first step is to shade the area against the sun, then add a cooling system such as a fan, evaporative cooler, or misting system.

The easiest cooling system to use for this purpose is a fan. However, evaporative coolers are ideal if you live in an area with extremely hot weather.

Regardless of the type of outdoor living space you have, we hope this content brings a lasting solution needed to cool your patio.


12 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Patio Cool in Summer? ›

Fans are a typical but effective solution for cooling your patio space. They help circulate the air instead of keeping it stagnant, providing a light breeze that helps relieve heat. Fans can be installed in any area that has the ability to hang them.

How do I keep my outdoor patio cool in the summer? ›

  1. Add a Patio Cover or Pergola. Patio covers and pergolas can provide shade and shelter for your patio. ...
  2. Purchase Patio Umbrellas. ...
  3. Install Retractable Screens or Awnings. ...
  4. Install Misters. ...
  5. Install Outdoor Ceiling Fans. ...
  6. Consider Evaporative Coolers. ...
  7. Use Rugs. ...
  8. Paint Your Patio.
Apr 14, 2022

How do you circulate air on a patio? ›

Fans are a typical but effective solution for cooling your patio space. They help circulate the air instead of keeping it stagnant, providing a light breeze that helps relieve heat. Fans can be installed in any area that has the ability to hang them.

How do I keep my screened in porch cool in the summer? ›

How to Cool Down a Sunroom
  1. Insulate and Air Seal Beneath the Porch. ...
  2. Blinds and Energy Saving Curtains for Sunrooms. ...
  3. Install Ceiling Fans in Your Sunroom. ...
  4. Install a Ductless Mini Split System. ...
  5. Add Shade Trees to Your Property.
Sep 13, 2018

How can I cool my patio in Florida? ›

Shade. Shade is one of the simplest solutions for helping your patio stay cool. Without the sun beating down on you and everything around you, your patio will feel a lot cooler.

What to do outside when its really hot? ›

  1. Bring Your Kids to a Splash Pad. If you're looking for outdoor activities for kids, splash pads are a great way to stay cool in the summer. ...
  2. Float the River. If there's a river near you, take an inflatable raft with you and float down the river. ...
  3. Go to a Water Park. ...
  4. Have a Water Balloon Fight. ...
  5. Make Creative Popsicles.
May 31, 2022

How do I make my concrete patio less hot? ›

How to Make Cool Concrete. Changing color is the easiest way to make cool concrete. Concrete with a light color will reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. This effect is measured using a figure called Solar Reflectance Index (SRI).

How do you bring fresh air from outside? ›

If it's safe to do so, open doors and windows as much as you can to bring in fresh, outdoor air. While it's better to open them widely, even having a window cracked open slightly can help. If you can, open multiple doors and windows to allow more fresh air to move inside.

How do I block the wind on my patio? ›

Tips to Windproof Your Outdoor Space
  1. Plant Trees and Shrubs. Put up hedges and trees to interrupt the wind blowing through your property. ...
  2. Put up a Fence. ...
  3. Decorate Your Garden With Trellises. ...
  4. Install Windscreens on Your Windows. ...
  5. Enclose Your Patio.
Mar 16, 2021

How can I make my deck cooler? ›

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your deck cool this summer so you can enjoy your outdoor living space even in the hottest summer weather.
  1. Hose Down Your Deck. ...
  2. Use Outdoor Rugs. ...
  3. Use Cooling Misters. ...
  4. Use Umbrellas, Shade Sails, or Awnings. ...
  5. Build a Pergola or Patio Cover.
Jul 1, 2022

How do you keep outside cool in high humidity? ›

Stay safe outdoors

Stay cool by wearing a hat and lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing and visiting an air-conditioned space when you need to. Avoid or limit exercise during the hottest hours of the day, typically between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Drink plenty of fluids, pace yourself, and listen to your body.

What is the best patio for hot weather? ›

Concrete – You may be surprised to learn that one of the best choices for a patio material in hot climates is concrete. There are several reasons why this is true. Concrete is comfortable to walk on, even at the hottest time of year, because it doesn't conduct or absorb heat the way some other materials do.

How do I keep my patio pavers cool? ›

The easiest and simplest way to cool your pavers is to spray them with a garden hose. However, this solution is temporary because the water will evaporate quickly. Another option is to install fans to make the hot air circulate, but the noise they make may bother you too much.


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