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When the sun’s out, you don’t want to sit indoors. You created your patio for the purpose of taking advantage of the best that summertime offers, so who wants to be indoors then? When the thermometer’s mercury climbs towards 100 degrees Fahrenheit and beyond, you can make your patio cool and refreshing living space. We have taken a deep dive into the best ways to make your patio cooler – join us to learn more.

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To make your outdoor patio cooler in the summertime, there are a number of options available. Without redesigning or rebuilding your patio, you can cool down your outdoor patio with cost-effective, efficient solutions. You, your family, and guests will better enjoy their times on your patio.

10 Ways on How to Cool Down Outdoor Patio

1. Screened-In Patio

The most intensive way is to screen-in your patio (if it is possible with its layout and design using your home’s existing walls). The benefit of a screened-in patio encloses your patio space is that it can be utilized year-round providing cooler spaces in summer and warmth in winter times.

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With a screened-in patio’s retractable shades, you are better able to control the temperature of your patio area: the shades, when drawn down, can block out the sun’s hottest rays while still allowing you to enjoy your patio and the outdoors. This option is also the most energy-efficient solution as it doesn’t require any devices to control the temperature.

2. Awning

While screening in your patio will also extend your home’s living spaces and offer a year-round additional living space, you might not want nor be able to screen in your patio. Adding an awning is your solution to this problem to cool down your patio.

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Retractable awnings allow shade on your patio that can lower the temperature on your patio. By simply lowering or raising the awning to suit your needs, you can either keep the harmful effects of the sun’s hottest rays away from you or enjoy the morning warmth on your patio with the awning retracted.

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3. Bar

There is another way to cool down yourself, your family, and guests on your patio: keep them hydrated with cold and refreshing drinks. Perfect for accompanying your grill and swimming pool (if your home has one), adding a bar would be a great addition to your home and your patio living areas.

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The cold drinks will help you to make the outdoors’ heat more bearable while making and sharing sundowners or cold beers with guests makes for a relaxing time.

4. Patio Mister Kit

Screening in your patio, adding an awning and building or adding a bar to your patio might require structural changes to your outdoor living space. However, you can cool down your outdoor patio by simpler and more effective means. A patio mister kit, such as those used by restaurants and popular at outdoor music festivals, are easy to install and are budget-friendly.

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Essentially a series of water pipes with jet spray nozzles fed by a connection to your garden pipe, patio mister kits provide a steady stream of fine mists of water to keep you and your guests cool and are effective at cooling down outdoor patio areas. Patio mister kits also provide a relaxing ambiance, with an exotic and calming effect. The only downside to patio mister kits is that they leave fine layers of water everywhere the mists fall. However, in the hotter climes, those will of course evaporate away within seconds.

5. Patio Umbrellas

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A large patio umbrella will shield you from the sun while also allowing the outdoors to be more acceptable. These umbrellas are affordable and come in a variety of designs and colours to suit any theme or style you desire to match your existing patio furniture. Being portable, you can carry them anywhere to create shade on your patio.

6. Rugs

If your patio furniture is placed on paving stones, bricks, or concrete, you will know that these surfaces can feel as hot as a stove plate during the peak of summer. While an umbrella will help to keep the sun away, the sun still heats up the patio’s paving to burn your feet.

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Placing a rug under the furniture and walking area will protect your feet and keep the sun’s radiant heat away from your furniture too to help to cool down your patio a little bit more. Choosing the right colors will also help to reflect the sun’s rays: lighter colors work best to reflect the sun’s heat away. The bonus is that a rug will make your patio area look like an outdoor room.

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7. High-Velocity Fans

A high-velocity fan and floor fan (most popular in pedestal stand types) don’t actually cool the air. While they do generate moving air and help to circulate air through your patio space, they work by fooling your body into feeling cooler due to their wind chill effect. As the moving air from the fan blows onto and across your skin, that moving air increases your body’s evaporation of its perspiration.

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This then lowers your body’s temperature to make you feel cooler. These high-velocity fans offer a respite from the heat and will help to make you and your guests feel cooler, but you would need more than one to sufficiently cool a small group of people or your entire patio area in the same way as a ceiling fan, patio mister kit, patio misting fan or portable evaporative coolers.

8. Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans, as you would know from experience as many homes already have these installed, help a lot to circulate the air to cool down your patio space. Ceiling fans come in a range of styles and power outputs to choose from – and they also help to make your patio seem more part of your indoor living spaces.

9. Patio Misting Fans

Similar in principle to the patio misting kits, a patio mister fan is able to spray the water mists to more areas around your patio. While these are designed to resemble floor-standing fans and pedestal fans (except patio misting fans are connected to your garden hose and an electrical outlet), they are comprised of several mist jets that disperse water with the airflow to blow cool air through the patio space.

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As these are portable, they can be moved anywhere they are most needed. Another benefit is that these are efficient to run and use only a small percentage of power that an air conditioning unit would use.

10. Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portable evaporative coolers are like the patio misting fans but are slightly bigger and more powerful in their cooling. Portable evaporative coolers control temperatures by evaporation. These don’t use jets spraying mists of water like patio misting fans, but rather allows water to dissipate passively into cooling pads to cool the air that is sucked in through the machine and then distributed by the fan to cool the air.

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The cooling pads increase the amount of evaporation that takes place and it also cools the air around it. Portable evaporative coolers are more efficient than compressor-type air conditioner systems and use no chemicals (such as freon as found in air conditioning units). These machines use just a fan, water, and a pump to circulate the water from the connected garden hose. Evaporative coolers can reduce a patio’s air temperature by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more, these are affordable and will last for many summertime seasons to keep you, your family, and guests cool.

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From enclosing your patio, adding shade with awning or umbrellas, to using high-velocity fans and portable evaporation coolers, you can cool down your outdoor patio to make it more comfortable for yourself, your family and your guests. No matter your budget or your patio’s design, you we have shown you the 10 best ways to guaranteed to make your patio the coolest place to be this summertime.

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What is the best way to cool an outdoor patio? ›

  1. Add a Patio Cover or Pergola. Patio covers and pergolas can provide shade and shelter for your patio. ...
  2. Purchase Patio Umbrellas. ...
  3. Install Retractable Screens or Awnings. ...
  4. Install Misters. ...
  5. Install Outdoor Ceiling Fans. ...
  6. Consider Evaporative Coolers. ...
  7. Use Rugs. ...
  8. Paint Your Patio.
Apr 14, 2022

How can I make my patio feel cooler? ›

Even on the hottest days of the year, you can enjoy your patio by creating your own outdoor cooling system using the strategies below.
  1. INSTALL A POOL. ...
  4. GET A PERGOLA. ...
May 28, 2020

How do you circulate air on a patio? ›

Fans are a typical but effective solution for cooling your patio space. They help circulate the air instead of keeping it stagnant, providing a light breeze that helps relieve heat. Fans can be installed in any area that has the ability to hang them.

How do I reduce the heat on my balcony? ›

14 Ways to Keep Your Balcony Cool This Summer
  1. Curtains. Curtains are perfect for creating a bit of shade on a balcony. ...
  2. Cool mats. Sure, most cool mats are designed for pets, but what's to stop you from using them instead? ...
  3. Add a rug. ...
  4. Install a patio mister. ...
  5. Rearrange plants. ...
  6. Create shade. ...
  7. Privacy screens. ...
  8. Add a fan.
Jul 17, 2022

What is the best outdoor cooling for high humidity? ›

For outdoor use, evaporative coolers are one of the few cooling options that reduce temperature and can be used even in more humid climates.

Do fans work outside? ›

While dry-rated ceiling fans are ideal for cooling down your home efficiently, the blades and other mechanical features aren't designed for outdoor areas, such as a porch or covered patio. Instead, you'll need a wet-rated or damp-rated option that can handle moisture, rainstorms, and dampness.

How can I be less hot outside? ›

Drink plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty. Schedule outdoor activities carefully. Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing and sunscreen. Pace yourself.

What patio material stays cool? ›

As far as manmade patio materials go, porcelain wins hands down as the best material to prevent a patio from overheating. The cooling properties of porcelain have been known for millennia, with the material once used for making pillows by ancient civilizations because it would keep cool at night.

How do outdoor workers stay cool? ›

In addition to wearing sunscreen, wearing appropriate attire can help keep you protected from the rays. If your worksite permits, wear lightweight, light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing and a wide brimmed hat to protect your head. Certain fabric and technology can also wick away heat and moisture.

How much does Turbo Cool cost? ›

But for residential patio use, Turbo Cool starts as low as $5,995 installed. We also offer financing (see below) that can bring your costs down to as low as just $86/month. DO YOU OFFER FINANCING? Yes, absolutely.

How does an outdoor patio heater work? ›

How do electric patio heaters work? Electric infrared patio heaters convert electricity into infrared heat via a heating element or lamp. This heat is transmitted by electromagnetic waves through the air until it reaches an object (they do not heat the air itself).

How can I make my deck cooler? ›

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your deck cool this summer so you can enjoy your outdoor living space even in the hottest summer weather.
  1. Hose Down Your Deck. ...
  2. Use Outdoor Rugs. ...
  3. Use Cooling Misters. ...
  4. Use Umbrellas, Shade Sails, or Awnings. ...
  5. Build a Pergola or Patio Cover.
Jul 1, 2022

How do I keep my deck cool in the summer? ›

Keeping Your Deck Cool During a Hot Summer
  1. Cover Hot Surfaces with an Outdoor Rug. An outdoor rug is much more comfortable on the feet than a hot deck. ...
  2. Create a Shield from the Sun with a Patio Umbrella. ...
  3. Cool Hot Feet in the Pool. ...
  4. Add Shade—And Ambiance—with a Pergola.

How can I keep my roof cool in summer naturally? ›

7 Ways to Keep Your Roof Cool in The Summer
  1. Update Your Attic Insulation. Your attic is the space in your house directly below your roof. ...
  2. Paint Your Roof a Lighter Color. ...
  3. Increase the Shade On Your Roof. ...
  4. Start a Rooftop Garden. ...
  5. Consider Solar Reflective Shingles and Tiles. ...
  6. Install Solar Panels. ...
  7. Set Up a Roof Misting System.
Jan 20, 2022

Can you use a patio heater on a balcony? ›

Yes, but the patio heater should be several feet away from combustible materials and structures. Keep patio heaters away from wood beams and posts to reduce the risk of fire. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep you and your guests safe.

How do you stay cool outside in 100 weather? ›

Heat hacks to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors this summer
  1. Keep a wet towel and sunscreen in a cooler. ...
  2. Wear breathable clothes. ...
  3. Go for a swim. ...
  4. Make sure your fan is spinning the right way. ...
  5. Apply ice or a cold water bottle to pulse points. ...
  6. Drink minted beverages. ...
  7. Work in the early mornings.
Jul 18, 2019

What is the alternative to AC in humid weather? ›

A dehumidifier is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce humidity and increase comfort. If your home is regularly above 50 percent humidity, you should consider getting one.

How do you cool down in extreme humidity? ›

Happy cooling.
  1. Cotton bedsheets. Rid your head of notions and get stuck into some lightweight cotton (Egyptian or otherwise) bedsheets. ...
  2. 2. ... ...
  3. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine. ...
  4. Exercise outdoors. ...
  5. Drink all of the water. ...
  6. Turn off your appliances. ...
  7. Eat high water content foods. ...
  8. Get out of the kitchen.
Aug 17, 2018

Are outdoor patio fans worth it? ›

The obvious benefit of outdoor ceiling fans is that it does a great job keeping you cool during the hot summer months. While air conditioning works perfectly indoors, a large outdoor fan is the next best thing.

Should I put a ceiling fan on a patio? ›

Most outdoor spaces lack air conditioning—and walls—which means a modern outdoor ceiling fan is an outstanding option to cool down a space, circulate the air and provide a comfortable place to relax or entertain guests on your porch, patio, pergola, sunroom and even garage.

Should you fan be blowing outside or inside in hot weather? ›

You should place outward-facing fans on the warmer side of your home to blow the hot air out and inward-facing fans on the cooler side to draw cool air in, says Barry Jacobs, vice president of product development at Comfort Zone, a home environment product company.

How do you stay cool in 95 degree weather? ›

Wear lightweight, loose fitting, light-colored clothing to reflect heat. Eat easy-to-digest foods like fruit or salads. Drink plenty of water, and drink water even if you don't feel thirsty. Focus on non-alcoholic and decaffeinated fluids, since alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you.

Why do I overheat so easily outside? ›

Heat intolerance or heat hypersensitivity occurs when you experience excessive sweating and discomfort as your body tries to cool down when exposed to heat. Many things can cause heat intolerance, from conditions like MS to certain medications.

How do you deal with extreme heat? ›

Tips for coping in hot weather

Have cold food and drinks, avoid alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks, and have a cool shower or put cool water on your skin or clothes. Keep your living space cool. Close windows during the day and open them at night when the temperature outside has gone down.

What pavers don't get hot? ›

The best choice for those who don't want to invest in natural stones is light-colored concrete pavers. Concrete pavers won't get as hot as brick pavers or dark stones. They can reach 120 degrees when the outside temperature is 90 degrees. A concrete slab won't give you the same results.

What material stays coolest in the sun? ›

Cotton. Cotton is one of the coolest fabrics for summer and hot weather. Not only is it cheap and hugely available, but it is also great for the heat. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable, and soaks up sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool.

What is the easiest patio to maintain? ›

Whether you sweep or blow it once a day or once a week, a paver patio is much less labor intensive than a wood deck. Even better, it will keep its good looks far longer.

What outdoor temperature is too hot to work in? ›

Heavy and very heavy work carry the highest risk of heat-related illness.
Effective WBGT (°C)Unacclimatized workers
Below 70°F (21°C)Low risk of heat-related illness
70 to 77°F(21 to 25°C)Strenuous work possibly unsafe
Above 77°F (25°C)High risk of heat-related illness with strenuous work

How to work in 100 degree weather? ›

Wear loose-fitting clothing, take frequent breaks in a cool rest area, open windows and install fans, and get plenty of fluids (a cup of water every 20 minutes or so under extremely hot conditions). Avoid beer and other alcoholic drinks. Working in Hot Environments.

How long does turbo Cool last? ›

When TurboCool™ is selected, your refrigerator compressor is activated and the fans turn on at high speed. The fans remain on even when the door is opened. The fresh food temperature will then run on its coldest setting for an 8 hour period or until TurboCool is turned off (whichever comes first).

How can I cool my patio in Florida? ›

Shade. Shade is one of the simplest solutions for helping your patio stay cool. Without the sun beating down on you and everything around you, your patio will feel a lot cooler.

How long should I let my turbo cool? ›

If you don't have an oil temperature gauge, a good time is usually a few minutes after your car has reached normal operating temperatures. This usually takes 5-10 minutes but depends on oil type and environmental conditions.

How do you stay cool outside in 100 degree weather? ›

Heat hacks to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors this summer
  1. Keep a wet towel and sunscreen in a cooler. ...
  2. Wear breathable clothes. ...
  3. Go for a swim. ...
  4. Make sure your fan is spinning the right way. ...
  5. Apply ice or a cold water bottle to pulse points. ...
  6. Drink minted beverages. ...
  7. Work in the early mornings.
Jul 18, 2019

How do you work outside in extreme heat? ›

If you have to work while it's hot outside:

Wear and reapply sunscreen as indicated on the package. Ask if tasks can be scheduled for earlier or later in the day to avoid midday heat. Wear a brimmed hat and loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Spend time in air-conditioned buildings during breaks and after work.

How do you deal with hot weather outside? ›

Drink plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty. Schedule outdoor activities carefully. Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing and sunscreen. Pace yourself.


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